Board of Directors

Board of Directors:
Board Chair: 
Larry F. Taylor
Term expires February 2023
(Appointed 2011)
(Reappointed 2017)
Board Vice Chair: 
Richard I. Gaines
Term expires February 2021
(Appointed 2009)
(Reappointed 2015)
Secretary / Treasurer: 
James H. “Jim” Robertson
Term expires February 2023
(Appointed 2011)
(Reappointed 2017)
Board of Director: 
Henry C. Conner Jr.
Term expires February 2025
(Appointed 2019)
Board of Director / Mayor
Robert A. "Bob" Wills
Term expires November 2020
(Elected 2012 as Mayor)

(Re-elected 2016 as Mayor)
Board Meetings:
North Baldwin Utilities is governed by a five-member board that is appointed by the mayor and city council. The Board meets in the T.W. Mitchell Board Room at 25 Hand Avenue on the last Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted.


2018-2019 NBU Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

How to Become a Board Member:
Application to serve on Board of Directors