Congratulations Mr. Peacock and Thanks to All Our Natural Gas Survey Participants

Pipelines are the safest, most reliable and efficient manner of transporting natural gas. A unique advantage of pipelines is the ability to transport one of our vital resources safely without damaging our environment. NBUtakes great care to follow the highest industry standards to provide quality services to the residents of Baldwin County. Pipelines are monitored through a combination of systems and safety programs. This includes frequent inspection on foot. In addition, state pipeline inspectors evaluate whether operators are being diligent in meeting regulatory requirements, conducting proper inspections and making necessary repairs.

NBU supplies high-quality natural gas to our customers. We are committed to environmental protection and public safety. For this reason, NBU periodically surveys any resident living with or near a natural gas line. To encourage participation, those who complete and return the survey are entered into a drawing. The 2020 Natural Gas Public Awareness Survey random winner was Lonell Peacock.

Pictured above, Peacock (left) receives $100 Gift Card from NBU's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jason Padgett (right). 


Planting a tree, building a fence, installing a mailbox or performing any other type of work that requires digging? Statistics show that dig-related damages are a leading cause of pipeline accidents. Know how to recognize line markers and potential hazards. Though markers identify the approximate location of the pipeline, they do not reveal its exact position or depth. Notify the Alabama One-Call System (811) at least 48 hours before digging anywhere—the call is free and required by law. The One-Call System will then alert its members so that they can mark nearby underground facilities before you start. Also when planting or building, be sure that you are not obstructing the pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW). ROW encroachments increase chances of third party damage and inhibit the operator’s ability to perform critical activities, such as maintenance and inspections. Please contact NBU if there are any questions regarding the pipeline location or the ROW.

Potential Hazards of a Leak
Flammable, explosive mixtures may travel to an ignition source in the air. Inhaling vapors may cause dizziness, headache, loss of coordination and narcosis. Contact may cause burns or severe injury.

What to do if a Leak Occurs
  • Leave the area immediately.
  • Do not breathe or make any contact with leaking gas. Move upwind from the suspected leak.
  • Do not light a match, start an engine, switch on/off light switches or do anything that might cause a spark.
  • From a safe location, call 911, the local EMA, or the pipeline company. Give your name, phone number, location, and a description of the leak.
  • Warn others to stay away.
  • Do not drive into a leak area.

If you damage a pipeline, please notify the pipeline company. Even a small scrape in the pipeline coating or a little dent can cause a dangerous leak later on. 

Signs of a Gas Release
  • Sight: Blowing gas, dead or dry vegetation, bubbles in the water near the pipeline
  • Sound: Whistling, hissing or roaring noise
  • Smell: Odorized to smell like rotten eggs
Remember CARES!
  • Call 811 Before You Dig
  • Await the Required Time
  • Respect the Marks
  • Excavate (Dig) with Care
  • Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility 



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