COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Rest Assured Your Water is Safe. ​The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water. According to the World Health Organization and the American Water Works Association, conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection  are sufficient to disinfect water for COVID-19. NBU’s  water comes from aquifers deep in the earth which have been naturally filtered. The water is then treated using the most up-to-date industrial methods. As part of our daily operations, employees rigorously check and test all wells in the system to ensure your water is clean and safe.

Preventing Contamination through Sewer. The CDC is reviewing all data on COVID-19 transmission as it becomes available. At this time, the risk of transmission through sewage systems is thought to be low. Although transmission through sewage may be possible, there is no evidence to date this has occurred. Rest assured NBU’s employees follow the highest industry standards, practice basic hygiene precautions, and wear personal protective equipment as needed to prevent contamination and the spread of any illness.

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Welcome to North Baldwin Utilities - a municipally-owned Water, Wastewater and Natural Gas utility. NBU was organized by the City of Bay Minette in 1945 under the name of The Water Works Board of the Town of Bay Minette. In 1949, the name was changed to The Water Works and Gas Board of the Town of Bay Minette to reflect the addition of natural gas services. The name changed again in 1951 to The Utilities Board of the City of Bay Minette. A final change to the name occurred in April of 2005. Read More.

North Baldwin Utilities works to protect your water supply by maintaining existing water systems, treating used water, drilling new wells, improving technology, and testing water for purity and quality. Read more.
Clean, plentiful, efficient and safe when used properly, Natural Gas is a reliable and efficient energy source. Even during inclement weather and power outages, natural gas service through NBU continues. Read more.
Wastewater treatment is the process of cleaning used water and sewage so it can be returned to the environment. The goal is to protect water supplies like oceans, lakes, streams and rivers. Read more.